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  • Jookin Camp Plus+

    Exclusive Access To Jookin Camp + Season 1 Playback
    Valid for 3 months
    • Custom Start Date Option Available For Maximum Subscription
    • Access to monthly video updates and events
    • The Memphis Open Championship
    • The Young Legend Money Title
    • Camp Freestyle sessions by 901 Ent. aka The Dream Team
Founder of 901 Ent. Live Stream Event Promotions901 ENT. DIRECTOR
Founder of the DXP Entertainment Network and 901 Ent.DXPEN FOUNDER

@DPdaGOAT & I have transformed DxP Jookin Tutorials into an enterprise network, including the opening of Jookin University and DXP901 Brand Apparel. We have created a marketing initiative for all dancers that want to grow with us. With over 100 years of combined cultural experience, the top young legends have teamed up with @DxP Entertainment Network to create 901.Ent “Get Live!” “March 6th 2021”is the official opening of our network site which.

focuses on Live Stream Events, Brand Apparel, Arts, Health and Wellness that is made for edutainment, allowing everyone in the new generation to have their own place as a net contributor in the culture to build an empire!

Rob P
Terrence Tinyiko
Igor a.k.a Kivlar.East