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Planet 901

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Your contribution to our pay per view events PAYS THE DANCER FIRST from ticket sales. Then we come out of pocket with the rest. This is a brick by brick process. We can use your help.

We are not going to be distasteful about Caffeine cutting in front of our event (until we get to their event) on our network. They provide free services while locking in their budget without negotiation. We are passionate about our mission to see an industrial circuit of dancers in our region that represent Memphis Jookin in house for the world to watch and make sure we grow for us. Not for a TV network (that already raised 150 million dollars for themselves to begin to enslave us) that probably will have capped another 100 million dollars in investment rounds to pay us in peanuts by the time they are done. Non Dancing entities are using non dancing individuals that are using us, (our cultures) to boss up on the people that give them a reason to do it. Because we let them sell us out. We have to become economic to show them who to step to. They need to know we got our own price. Let’s turn up for our freedom as artists. Support the movement. Lets build our our street dance network and get our own blessings to share without bias or agenda. #Back2DaStreetz

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